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Did you get hit with hail damage? This is our specialty!

If your vehicle was damaged by hail we can help. Simply get a claim number from your insurance company and tell them you are using HM Dent Works for the repair. Make an appt for an estimate and we will have you taken care of in no time! 

Remember, you get to choose where you have your vehicle repaired. 


Have a minor fender bender damage? Let us see if we can help before taking it to the body shop.

Deer hits, shopping carts, basketballs, and even your kid sitting on the hood of your car can cause unsightly dents in your car. 

We can't promise we can always fix the damage with PDR but we will give you our honest opinion. If we can, you will be certain it will take less time and cost less than a traditional body shop. If we can't help, we will refer you to someone we trust in the Springfield area to help you with the repair. 

You can send us pictures and videos of your damage to see if we can help! 


  Have a door ding? No problem! Our paintless dent repair is a quick and painless solution.

It seems to happen more and more often. You come out to your car and you notice a dent that was not there yesterday. Someone has opened their door into your car and caused a dent. It can be frustrating but with PDR we can help. 

Same day repairs!

  • Estimates are always FREE

  • We work with all insurance companies

  • We work with all body shops

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  • Deductible Assistance 

  • Springfield and Surrounding Areas

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